Selection of breeds and breeders


Forget "love at first sight." If at some point suddenly and strongly attract one dog,
that is no guarantee for long-lasting and good relationship.

   Breed selection

Let's start from the beginning. Selection of breed or breed type is one of the things that will make you most happy with purchase of a new dog. You will be able to choose among a very large number of breeds, breed discover that you've never heard of or you could imagine exists.
   Do not forget that the dog is only one side of the coin, you have the other. Be honest with yourself and how much you're willing to make changes in your life to accommodate the dog, whether it is a suction mat appear more often or persistent training.

   When choosing a breed, keep in mind the following factors:
   1. The size and space requirement
   2. The level of activity
   3. The issue of hair
   4. Suitability for training and the desire for 

Breed susceptibility to hereditary diseases

The size and space requirement

   On the practical side speaking, the size of the first factor you should consider, if for no other reason then because of differences in costs, which if you hold the dog who ate a quarter cup a day of food versus those who ate seven such cups.
   It is not true that it is impossible to keep even the biggest dogs in apartments and town houses. If in doubt to come to Zagreb's Maksimir Park. However, in these conditions you must try twice more to meet their needs.
    The downside of small dogs is that they know to be gossipy and spiteful, and certainly they are very fragile, which makes them unsuitable for families with very "playful children" children.
Also often need protection from big dogs.


To immediately investigate something: There is no dog that has hair and not linja. Exceptions are the so-called golokože breed (For example, Peruvian or Mexički golokoži dog), that can not lose what we have - and this is the hair. Passion of the hair can be partly prevented by regularly comb your pet. What remains to will not appear on your armchair, but many dogs or chairs will be spared. If you are a lot of hair izluđuje, get a dog kratkodlakog darker hair, and not so much to see.
   But not all molt. Some breeds have a coat that requires sucks about every six weeks. You can learn to suck your own pet "poor dog will probably survive this shame, or it can take a hairdresser for dogs. The  latter  solution  clearly means and expenditure.

   If you try to find out how well a dog will fit into your family, then intelligence is irrelevant. Important of which are convenience and susceptibility to education, the qualities that describe how the dog has interest in what you want to do.

   Breed susceptibility to hereditary diseases

   Different breeds carry different genetic disease. Before finally decide to breed a good read, which is prone to genetic diseases. Dogs suffer from diseases that are considered to be genetically transmitted excluded from breeding. In Croatia, the law regulated only by the elimination of individuals who suffer from hip dysplasia, all other diseases are left to the conscience of the breeder. Hence when procurement puppy be careful and ask for good health štenetovih parents.
   On the Internet you can find lots of information related to this topic. Try and find what interests you. Web address:
Some web addresses:



What is actually breed?
Make the paper a breed? Does her popularity? Simply put, purebred dog is one that paired with a dog of his breed, provides the same such offspring. Čistokrvnog dog determines the ability to obtain predictable breeding characteristics. Such a dog has a document called the Pedigree. It was noted his family tree, so you can check not only Mom and Dad, but three to four generations in the back
(their appearance, and genetic diseases of preference).
   Renowned breeders thesis that "create" as many dogs that meet the criteria listed in the document called "Standard of the breed. This is a perfect description of the specimens, which sets rules for important traits. The standards are the measures for the ideal dog breed and lay down: height, color, eye color, length and quality of hair, color and shape of the nose, teeth and the type of errors in it (undershot, podgriz or lack of teeth), length of neck and posture, relative proportions of the body and head, the corners of the front and rear legs, forechest expression, depth of chest, back and the length of their shape, exhibition, tail length and attitude, temperament, movement of a dog, and more. The standard identification breed clubs decide their country of breed originated, and any changes you must make a decision on approval of a special committee to forward during the FCI.
Pays you to study the breed standard for which you are interested, if for no other reason, then why do not you fell and paid an additional amount because you get a "rare" dog-like white Malamuta, and to find out later that is rare because it is the standard such individuals disqualified. That does not mean that it will not be a good pet.

All breeds that have a standard recognized by the International Kennel Federation (FCI), whose member states and Croatia, are systematized into 10 groups. Within each of these breeds are grouped according to countries of origin. Detailed information about individual breeds or that group that most interests you can find in the literature or on the Internet.
  It is important to know the following: Dogs are like people very different from individual to individual, characteristics that are specified in the standard are generally acceptable, but you must keep in mind that these are not cars, it is true that the nature and behavior of dog genetics conditions. But it's also true that conditions and environment in which the dog is growing, in which the physical and mental development, also contribute to the general picture that gives us a mature dog specific breed. Enormous role that proper education and training, and careful cultivation.
You probably already have in mind two or more breeds, or at least think opsu certain characteristics - large, small, rough, smooth. But before you go looking for their pet, consider a few more details. What age dog you prefer? What sex? And finally how much will it cost you.
   What age dog you prefer

   Think again, because it may be better for you to take an  adult dog. He has  already  passed all those
severe stages of growing up and how much has already been raised.
Males or females

    Are males or females better pets? On this issue there is no right answer, and most people choose according to your own preferences. But you should take into account some differences, because castration does not make males and females equal.

And now costs

How much should cost a puppy or adult dog? Prices are varied: you can go for nothing and do good work in the shelter dogs to make a "business-century" nabavivši pure dog without a pedigree, pay a few hundred euros for the average purebreed dog, to several thousand euros for the "exhibition" of high-quality dogs or rare breed.
   Generally, if you just want a quality pet from a breeder better prices generally range from several hundred to a thousand Euros.

   Price of puppies depends on the following factors:

   The few breeds that have a litter, as was the case with a large number of dwarf breeds Pomerance, for example, cost more.
   Breeds that require a high level of veterinary care during skotnosti and the štenjenju, which often includes a caesarean section. It also increases the price of puppies.
   Puppies which may be expected to have much success in competitions such as dog shows, competitions and similar activities, are more expensive because they are additional benefits, just like a car with accessories more expensive than the basic version.

    Keep in mind that reputable breeders bred dogs hoping to improve their line, and thus the very breed which are grown, but first of all want all of their puppies to be healthy and a good companion to future owners.
The most you'll spend on maintenance of their puppies. If you want to keep your dog properly (think of the nutrition, hygiene, veterinary services, etc..), You will realize that the dog has a big stake in your home budget. Therefore, you must keep in mind how much maintenance will cost you getting any dog.
   And in the end what is most important. Regardless of whether you purchased čistokrvnog dog, took him to asylum or the dog show, the money you spend can not be measured with the love that you provide your dog.

Breeder: They are good, they are ignorant and those unscrupulous

   1. Champion line
   2. Registered with the FCI in
   3. Extra (such as extra large or extra small)
   4. Rare (eg, a rare white Malamut)
   5. I can see both parents
   6. Emergency and deliver home
These are words that often appear in advertisements and sales of many puppies. We need to see them in a negative aspect, but may be a sign of alarm.

   Champion line

   And if it looks strange, you can buy pretty pathetic puppy "champion lines", which is actually the champion was only šukundjed by tatinoj page. Therefore, ignore the labels šampionska lines, rather click "champion of parents or the father or the mother of champion champion.

   Registered with the FCI (or pedigree HKS)

   Uuuu, terrible thing! All farmers who want to pedigree dogs pedigree recognized by the FCI must lay down their log in and register with Kennel Club parent who is a member of FCI (or HKS).

   Extra (such as extra large or extra small)

   You can often find those who sell dogs to people who zaštitu.Nude them grow super-large breeds seem intimidating. But such experiments usually result in dogs who have problems with hips or other health problems.

   Rare (eg white Malamut)

   This word can not be cause for alarm. Therefore, rather ask whether this is really rare, or someone wants to cheat the cat in the bag.
I can see both parents

Now what's wrong here? Maybe nothing. Always have to be able to see his mother, but I must warn you that in most cases, prominent breeders have at hand the father of puppies they sell. This is because investigating and choose those who believe that could improve the quality of their dogs. If the breeder of both parents, the breeder may be elected only by the price mate. He is also available free of charge.

   Urgent! Delivery of the house

   These are always people who want to solve as soon as puppies. And where to find them, then when you have a pile of questions and problems? I'll see how the conditions in which your puppy is grown, and what they looked like mom, brothers and sisters, if you bring him before the door like a pizza delivered to?

   Think about that later uzgojite litter? Breeding dogs is much less profitable and much more arduous than you are, you could imagine. And, be sure to think about how time contribute to the problem of excess dogs - even if you want to grow purebred dogs with pedigrees.

How can I find a good breeder

   Exemplary farmers is difficult to find, and such right now and maybe have puppies for sale. Because many people who buy puppies go to other, less ideal sites. If all goes well, a dog will have at least ten years, if you do not make sense to wait a bit to get what you are looking for.


Want to find a good breeder? Dog is exactly the place where they proudly present their doggie diku and joy. If you go to the exhibition to arrange the purchase of a puppy or dog, go early. Exhibitions usually start around 9 or 10 o'clock in the morning. This means that if you show up at the exhibition in the afternoon It is possible that you will come in vain.
   Before leaving the exhibition, the first complete homework and learn basic things about the breed that interests you. Once you show that you know basic things about the breed you love, and exhibitors are seriously interested to learn more, it is possible that these people will be equally difficult to stop as it was difficult to get an interview. And what do you say? World dog show is like a small club. You do not need to register, but it is better to avoid them if you know what all happens there. No, you want to include because there are people with what you need.

   Join the breed club

   Joining the breed club is not expensive and can be a very good way to establish contact with reputable breeders. There you can get many useful information about how to purchase a puppy, and so all the problems (if you have) when you have already purchased the puppy.

   Do farmers surfing the net

   The Internet has become one of the best ways to find information about breeds and breeders. There are many web addresses in Croatia and in the world, where you can find a list of kennels. Some sites are specialized for a certain breed or kennel FCI group (these are usually sites pasminskih clubs). Almost every serious breeder now has its own website. Therefore you receive a job and find out about anything and everything.
   Croatian web address:
   Web addresses in the world:

 / USA / kennels.php
          www.enci.iz / en / breeders.php
Should I buy a puppy that you have not seen

Buying puppies "blind" can be very risky, but not always as it seems. It is important that before you decide to make that step well and farmers see it as much as possible. Breeder should make sure you send all the information you need, pictures of both parents and complete documentation. If everything seemed to be just ahead. It is better to deal with a reputable breeder and a thousand miles distant, but the ignorant in your city or region.

   A few tips to point to a "bad breeder"

   1.Ignorance about the breed
   2.Giving puppies eight weeks of life
   3.Do not expose your dog or deal with any other
      dog sports
   4.Does not allow to consider litter, to see
      mother or other dogs from the kennel, or
      see where and how dogs are bred
   5.I do not understand the importance of 


   If you are not able or do not want to spend "so much money for the purchase of a dog, a good selection of the Asylum and Association for the care of abandoned animals. There you can find good puppies or dogs, and do good work. After all dogs are not chosen whether to leave them to someone, or put away in the Asylum.