Choosing a puppy and we take it home


Horedecai Siegal one said: "Purchasing a dog is your only chance to choose you own relatives." This largely explains the excitement that goes with making a new dog in the house.
   When you reach the farmers or the Gate remedies do not eliminate common sense. Bring a friend to help you if you become preimpulsivni. If you buy a dog exhibition, take along someone who has experience in kinologiji, and remember to select the puppy is only the first step in a long life together.
   As soon as you bring the puppy home, around your eyes open. Puppies are the inexhaustible source of wonder and pleasure, a growing incredibly fast. Do all that you do not miss any precious moment.


   Prepare for puppy

 One of the first rules to keep to protect the puppy in the house (and home of the puppy) is to restrict him from the beginning of movement in the area of smaller, safer part of the apartment or house. This means that while you watch the children's bedroom doors be closed, as some of the toys would not be completed in štenetovom stomach (to your horror and dismay of your children). If necessary, use the walls that are in the same order used for babies. You can transfer them, and when you want to put on the door or at the top of the staircase. Do not let the puppy walking on the stairs, at least up to 5 months of life (wear it as long as you allow it its weight). Remember all the dangers lurking on the babies - it is the same. But the puppies have to think of what could nibble, not in what they could squeeze his fingers.


   Let the puppy

Not that you read all the instructions that came with the puppy. Tired and just want their puppies and immediately. Be patient, once again, consider whether you all think. Admit that you do not want to fall in love with a puppy that was in poor health and problematic nature.
    Before making a final decision check one more time:
    1. Puppy must reach the appropriate age
    2. Health and good breeding are very important
    3. The puppy looks healthy

  Puppy must reach the appropriate age that could leave the mother and to the eighth week after birth. Some breeders, particularly those who grow dwarf breeds, insist that the puppies stay longer in the litter.
   Health and good breeding are very important, but equally important, and socialization. Therefore, do not buy a puppy from someone who raised them in inappropriate circumstances, or God forbid a stable or shed, separate from all the sounds that accompany human life. Check štenetovu nature in a way that we describe below.
   Web address where you can find a method of testing a puppy:
   Testing puppy
   The level of dominance
   How importunately or plaho? Most people have the urge to choose a puppy in the litter najnametljivije (because it seems that it selects them), but that for most homes is not exactly the happiest choice. This may be good for those who intend to compete with your dog, but for the average family less dominant puppy will be a better choice.
   The level of interest in people
   Some puppies are more oriented to the dogs, and the other people. Puppy that is curious when it comes to people, not just great looks to be a good pet.

Suitability for training

   The goal is to find the puppy that has a good ability to concentrate and receiving information. Should be avoided puppy that is so busy chasing around, even for a moment that no attention to you. All testing that is implemented in a period of five up twelve weeks the office, but remember the following: If you test in the eighth week of life, they could all be a little whimsical, as passing through the fearful stage, in which several of the suspicious of everything for them new. Better to test them before and after this phase. Keep in mind that you will probably be the best puppy that is mediocre personality. Should be courageous, but not so much that lead you to insanity. To be curious and to study new things, you will be better accepted if it is in your company.

   Two puppy

   You may be tempted to take home two puppy, thinking that this brilliant idea, because then they will not be bored while you are at work, and fewer will bother you. Think carefully. Raising two puppies means twice the work, twice, and twice ludovanja disorder. And another thing - if two puppy grow, it may happen to be related to each other and not for you.

Štenediljski leave

   The best thing you can do to establish that special relationship with the new puppy is that when you bring it home, going on a holiday. Call it "Štenediljski leave. So you will have enough time in the right way to start home education, and to enjoy their psićem making it easier for him this great change in his life.

Puppy comes home

   Repeat after me: "I will never allow the puppy to do what I do not want to work later as an adult dog. Well now you're ready to be a real dog parent. God help you! When you go by the puppy and take one paper, because there is a possibility that the dog get sick from the ride (which does not mean that the whole life be so).
Do not go alone. Bring friends and family if you take them all. Let all attend this unforgettable moment. No way do not allow them to argue or beat around the puppy. Doggy is not football. During the drive to keep it to one person and the best in the towel on her lap.
   The first thing you do when you get home is to perform it outside. Be patient and wait for the do s and do not forget to praise him when he does so. Candles probably want to take a puppy in hand, but not pretjerujte. Keep in mind that this is still a small baby who quickly gets tired and needs her sleep a lot. Perhaps the first day she would not eat. On so many things to get used to, so do not worry too much. Let's explore some.

Child and a puppy

   Puppies are stuffed toys, and you is that right from the start to explain to their children. Small children especially those under five years can be difficult to control, and playing with the puppies (or dogs) sometimes be too rough. These should be carefully monitored to each other not injured.

   Several rules must be observed because it is investing in the future health of your puppy:
   1. Puppy can not stay on slippery surfaces such as flooring, laminates or tiles. If you notice that the puppy gliding and falling is a sign of alarm. It is especially dangerous game and run by slippery surfaces, often the children look very fun. With ciku and screaming jurcaju the house or apartment, and behold them in the wonders of the puppy rate monitors, and every little razlijepi the floor with all four paws outstretched. Play with the puppy to be sure, but there is a place and time. If you want to run around with their psićem place it outside in the park or backyard. If you want to play with psićem in the house, it is best to work on the carpet.

   2. Puppy and stairs. Puppy in any case not walk (especially not chase) by stairs. Do not forget his bones and cartilage, and the puppy is growing very quickly. Wear it (as long as you allow it its weight), wearing his help not suffer his bones and joints.

   3. Children's rough play. Do not allow your children to play rough with the puppy and particular caution regarding lean and relying on the puppy (or God forbid riding on it).

   4. No forsirajte his dogs. Do not even chance it istrčavati, at least not until we strengthen and grow. I think it forced to run with the bike, motorcycle or drugo.Takvim activities do not do good to his zglobovima.Ne forget that your puppy is still a little baby and needs lots of rest. To free movement, but without forcing. Puppy that has long jurcalo around and look cendravo, probably tired. Put him in his cage or barrier, and beside him lay his favorite toy. Likely to fall asleep for a few minutes

Do not buy a dog for children because the dog is not a toy. He should be given much attention and time.

   Upon arrival at your home the first few nights he will be very difficult. If it is near you, where your sense smell and hear you as you breathe, it will be less upset. In addition to their beds (in addition to and not to) put a barrier or kavezić in him lay a soft blanket on which the puppy to sleep, and some chew toys. Tell him firmly in the "bed" and close the door. And then open a good book for a long time you can not sleep. Maybe your idea of a cage (box) seems cruel. Maybe I did for you or me, but you actually seen the dog is. Dogs are enthusiastic about the idea of his den, a small area that can say that only they and where they feel perfectly safe. After a very short time, the puppy will voluntarily use the cage to sleep and rest, and when the cage door open. Stoic submit all whine and cry, but do not punish him, and in any case out of the fences or cages when dere. So you'll just learn to be a little upset to get what he wants. Make it that you hear, you probably will soon calm down. For a day or two of the most deplorable tuljenja stops.

Learning from the very beginning

   Anyone who brings home a puppy to start beautiful friendship. There is no doubt that many of these wonderful beginnings of a bad finish. Bad choice at the wrong time and poor planning play a big role in this, but in most cases the main cause of the tragic end of what is "enough", whether it is too little time or too little education.
   You love your puppy, play with it and enjoy it. But always - always - you need to think about how you will shape the bebača in poslušnog and confidential dog of your dreams. For it is necessary socialization and training, and above all the time. Time in the life of a puppy going terribly fast, once you pass those critical few more weeks you can not go back. Try it, the effort that you put in the first few months of his life several times will return during all years of life.
   Forget it (you've probably heard of neukih) to the education of a dog should only start at the age of six months. Your puppy learns from the moment you arrive at the world. In the age of seven up twelve weeks, such as sponges, absorbing everything. This is the most important period of socialization for your dogs.

   1. Establish a good relationship with the puppy
   2. Socijalizirajte it
   3. No way he should let them do what you do not   want to work as an adult dog
   4. Teach him things using positive methods, make it a fun school
   5. Understand that a puppy will make mistakes and do and then angry
   6. Note: It is easier to prevent than correct bad habits

   Connection with a dog

It is not difficult to create a good relationship with the puppy, spending time with him, talk to him, sing to him, pat him. Rather than close the door if you do not want to go to certain areas of your home, use the walls for babies, so you can hear and feel that it is involved in events at home. You become his only family and if he really let her be a member, you will be a better pet.


   It is impossible to overexpose a puppy new things - people, places and other animals. It is here, many owners of ruined all the work and efforts of renowned breeder. If the puppy is not continually exposed to new things, stop its development, and in many cases nazaduje. Our goal is to have a safe and open, not plahog or aggressive dog. To achieve socialization.
Your veterinarian knows your puppy and told you that it does not perform anywhere until you get all the necessary vaccines, and I will even talk to him socialize. Who is this crazy and now I need to go out with him or not?
    Yes and no. Before you build immunity, your puppy is at risk from infectious diseases that can be obtained from other dogs. Therefore, you should not go to places where dogs come from, parks, shops, equipment for pets, dog shows and other events, until the vet says that it is not safe. But you should keep it in places that are probably safe, to visit friends, where they will be able to play with children and healthy vaccinated dogs or places where there are many people, such as street terrace cafeteria and so on.
   Why even take the risk? Because it is extremely important. Risk of existing problems in the behavior of equal or even greater than the risk of existing infectious diseases. Therefore, plan departures to safe places, if you're not sure you carry the puppy in his arms.


   I know it's difficult, but several months later, you will be very sorry if I do not remember this little rule: never let him not getting out to what later would not want to work as an adult dog.
Secondly, always put into practice the work of those basic rules. Do not let you miss it because you are tired. Do not allow to draw because it is very sweet. When you first jump on the sofa-and will try to at least one sharp-say "down" and put it on the floor. Praise him for good dog who was on the floor. When you jump on you or the children, take the necklace into his hand, tell him "down" and show him the time to think. Praise him for holding all four paws on the floor.
   Consistency implies that all the folks on the clear with what the puppy the rules of conduct, and to apply them. If you decide you do not want your dog to beg food when you eat, it's hard to company policy put into practice if it gives your child kriomice chips while watching TV, or under the table gives what you do not like a must eat in order to play.
   Puppy that grows up believing that everything should work zločestoće to think of him will grow into a dog that lives with bass will not be snug. The difference between a dog that does what they want and those who with your permission for what he wants is huge.

Praise and correction

   Training dogs is something like a dog trying to learn something, little Milo, a small force - indeed, in recent years more and more willingly than force.
   Never hit a puppy - or even hand-rolled paper. Never cry to him. If you did any of the above to show puppy "who was boss, you will end up with a dog who is unsure of you and who is convinced that you are a little crazy.

Learning methods

   Good old substitute - especially useful for very small dogs. For example, if the puppy chews your nice leather shoes, make a noise that you will confuse and distract his attention, and he add what you want to chews, such as his toy or bone. When he took the praise it.

    Looking for a different type of behavior - seeking desirable stop undesirable. For example, if the puppy jumps on you, tell him a sharp "no", then "sit", gently slide in a sitting position and then praise him.

    Large syringe - with a spray bottle filled with water or a tasteless liquid - vinegar or lemon juice mixed with water. Sharp say "no", and štrcnite towards him. Try to export so that it looks like it fell from the sky.

    Time out (pause) - pause or stop (so that athletes have said "time out"), gives the puppy time to carefully consider. Then concludes, you see, you see, when to do can not be with them. When you start your malac bite, tell him a sharp "no", then ušutite, lift it and put in some time in the barrier or cage. Disregards the screams for help and whimper. When you stop and calm down, let him without great parade and let some time to be with you.

   No, no, no, no, neeeeeeee - there is one word that people in the education of a puppy regularly used, and often incorrect. What is it for? "No". Some dogs so often hear that, but think that part of their names. If you are constantly used and still plačljivim and pleading tone, it loses its value. "No" to say firmly and strongly, as the guttural bark with a deep growl. Do not ask plačljiva "no, no, no, instead it hit the word. "No," you can substitute another word, for example, "just try". Of course again the key in how to izgovarate. Lower your voice and zarežite "just try".

Method of "grab and shake" - this method is used when serious offenses, such as cutting teeth kešenja or worse, a real snap. Receive a puppy to the skin on the back of the neck, lift it and look straight in the eye, and he strictly zarežite "No". Then some time down and not pay attention to it or put it in a cage or barrier.
   There are people who do not believe in training dogs, using the excuse "I want my Miki is free. These are usually the owners whose dogs wandering around. No dog in the world has no more freedom than that which is known to behave decently, and with any other is not easy to live. In support of education and upbringing of puppy million and go one reason, and against only one: human stupidity.

How to prevent puppies grow into aggressive dogs

   You need your puppy to learn that every man in the hierarchy above the pack and will not tolerate aggression towards other dogs and people.

  Here are some tips:

   Never let your puppy chews gricka and you or any other member of your family, even in the game. In cases of serious attacks shake it and put in fences or cages.

   Never allow children to play unsupervised with a puppy and never let them play with the rough. Their children learn to be gentle with the puppy.

   Let each family member acting as a "leader". Learn the puppy to wait when something she wants. When they fed him with a stop in front of the pelvis in the hands, do not immediately drop the dish you are looking for him to wait patiently until you choose to hang it. Ask all family members to also train with him.

Learn your puppy that you are the people who manage his food. Let each family member added to food in his bowl while eating, so learn to tolerate all the activities near your food. If it starts to growl harshly correct. Naviknite him to take and return the toys that game. Izdajte command "give" and take his toy. Praise him when he complied.

   Kastrirajte it. Young, nekastrirani males are much more frequent perpetrators of serious bites than any other dogs. If you suspect that you have a certain problem, as soon as possible to seek help for training instructors. Professional can point out ways that encourage aggression by a dog and help you to change the hierarchical order of the pack and thus solve your problem.

   If you have an adult dog who has problems with aggression, just look for professional help before a tragedy happens. The best dog in a bad owner can become preagresivan or timid, as potvđuje and saying: "No bad dogs but bad owners."

   The veterinarian

   Within "24" after bringing a puppy from the breeder visit the vet, who are carefully chosen. Take it with you all the information you get from the breeder, which are associated with vaccination and purification of intestinal parasites. Be sure to bring a fresh stool by the veterinarian to examine and determine whether it has intestinal parasites. Since the immune system, your puppy is not as strong as that of the adult dogs, make sure to visit the vet does not come into contact with other dogs. The clinic staff should take all measures to protect your dogs. Clean the table to view the disinfectant, and after each patient to wash hands.

Signs that your dog needs immediate veterinary

   1. Allergic reactions such as swelling of the face or skin rash, which can be easily seen on the belly.
   2. Any violation of the eyes, no matter how mild they were.
   3. Any respiratory problems: coughing, shortness of breath or choking.
   4. Any signs of pain: fever, apathy, anxiety or loss of appetite.
   5. Suspected poisoning, including antifreeze, or ingestion of human drugs, and rodent bites.
   6. Any open wound or laceration bleeding, and other animal bites
   7. Disorders of consciousness, onesvješćivanje or collapse.
   8. Snake bite
   9. Thermal stress, whether it is excessive heat or cold, and no matter what you think the dog recovered.
 10. Trauma, such as the attack vehicle, even if it seems that everything is fine.
 11. Vomiting or diarrhea that is repeated more than two to three times during one hour

   After the veterinarian determines that your puppy is healthy, will tell you everything you need to do this and stay. A good vet will be divergent enough time to remove all the reasons for unnecessary panic in which you can break. Will explain you all the preventive measures, vaccinations, parasite control and more.